IN DETROIT, MIchigan, OUR organization advocates for the use of human centered design methods to inspire people to become more altruistic by using public art, design, and architecture as conduits for social change.

Apart from natural elements, everything that surrounds humanity is designed by another human being. Designers have a tremendous influence on society.  B.h.d is a design motivation (method) and type where designers use their creativity to inspire people to become more altruistic and loving world citizens.

What drives our work: 

Fostering Altruism Through Design

Most humans spend about 90% of their lives inside of buildings*; surrounded by designed spaces and things. How can all things designed help inspire more altruistic world-citizens? 

Designers as Activists

All sectors of designers have tremendous influence on the built and visual environment.

Participatory Design Processes

The end users and community residents are the experts on what design challenges need to be addressed in their spaces.

Public Art

Amazing art should be found on the street corner as well as in museums and galleries.

Intelligent Materials

Spaces can become more "human" when they incorporate materials that respond to outward stimuli. 

Interactive Spaces

Spaces should be designed to act more like human beings. Spaces have the ability to spark interaction and discussion between users.


*The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS): a resource for assessing exposure to environmental pollutants

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